Friday, July 2, 2010

What is the Tea Party? A growing state of mind

The "Tea Party" is less a classic political movement than a frustrated state of mind.A year and a half after the idea of a Tea Party burst into view, three of 10 Americans describe themselves in the USA TODAY/Gallup Poll as Tea Party supporters — equal to the number who call themselves Republicans — though many of them acknowledge they aren't exactly sure what that allegiance means.

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Revisionism, rationalization and flat-out lies from the people that brought you the series on 'Obama's Accomplishments.'

The one thing that continues to fluster the left is the lack of figurehead in the Tea Party (which should serve as proof in itself that the TP is organic). They SO want to have John or Jane Q. Public elevated to the status of leader so they can crank up the Character Assassination Machine and turn someone - anyone - into the next David Duke.

[Any movement/'party' with which over a third of the nation self-identifies is going to be diverse, but above all the Tea Party stands for a return to Constitutional fidelity.]


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