Friday, July 2, 2010

A Conservative Kid Tries To Survive In California Schools

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My name is Sam Besserman, I'm eleven years old, I live in Beverly Hills, California, and ever since I can remember I have been subjected to political bias in school

...This past year, however, I seem to have been subjected to the ultimate in ideological bigotry. My social studies and English teacher should win an award. After Scott Brown won the third big election since Obama became president, she told the class, "Right wing Nazis are taking office all over the place." She also told us, "Racist bigots from the south are refusing to shake Barack Obama's hand." She lectured us about Mao Tse-Tung and failed to mention that he killed 70 million people. She also told us that Russia was better off under communism and that under communism people could rely on each other. To her, the only problem with communism is that it hasn't been done right yet.

In an effort to stop her politicization of the classroom, I circulated a petition and, incredibly, thirty-two kids signed it although nine kids eventually crossed their names out in fear of retribution. As it happened, those kids were right, because right after I met with the principal to discuss the situation, he spoke with our teacher and she then told us that those who signed the petition would have their grades affected. She also caught me taking notes in class -- something she said I shouldn't do -- and lied about what I had written, telling the class I wrote that she had Alzheimer's and was running around the room bleating like a sheep. Although I wrote no such thing, she said I was being disruptive to the class.

Meanwhile, my science teacher taught us -- for the umpteenth time -- that man was responsible for global warming which encouraged a number of students to taunt me by shouting, "Global warming is real!"...

... After all these years you'd think I'd have given up. My country is undermining itself in its schools. It's teaching boys that they can't even compete with girls. It's teaching those of us who have pride in our country that it is misplaced....

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