Thursday, March 18, 2010

Huge Student Loan Overhaul Set To Be Tacked Onto Health Care Reform

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Before the House Budget Committee began its mark-up of the health care legislation, Chairman John Spratt (D-S.C.) explained that the 2010 Budget Resolution that passed the House last April instructed the House to pass a reconciliation bill with health care reform and education reforms in one package this year.

"It will result in landmark investments in higher education"



The other reconciliation outrage

...They want to nationalize another sector of the economy, taking over student loans. Review and Outlook of the Wall Street Journal reports:

The Democratic plan is to make this public option the only option mere days before colleges send out their financial aid packages to incoming students. The House and Senate budget committees issued instructions last year to look for savings in the student-lending program, so the Democrats have prepared in advance their excuse to jam these changes through the reconciliation process.
So in the future, the government will become the sole source of education loans...


Beware of Democrats' OTHER Public Option

If you thought the health care public option was bad, get a load of this: the student loan legislation does not just set up a government-run option for student lending, the bill makes the government the only option.

It promises to bring complete federalization of the student loan process to a private marketplace.


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