Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WaPo Applauds Obama's 'Skilled Operatives' for Not Choosing 'Outspoken Liberals' for Supreme Court

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On the day confirmation hearings begin for Obama Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, The Washington Post stresses on the front page that Kagan has been an "elusive GOP target." The Post website summarized: "Republicans have struggled to find a compelling line of attack to take against the Supreme Court nominee. But their efforts have largely failed."

When Republicans nominate a Supreme Court justice, it's the liberal media that aids their favorite activists in creating "compelling lines of attack." But when Democrats do it, the journalists not only skip over the attacks, they also praise the Democrats for their political skills.

Post reporters Anne Kornblut and Paul Kane lauded the "skilled operatives" of Team Obama...

[I.e., another 'stealth' nominee that they know is way outside the American mainstream, so they simply provide cover.]


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