Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Serious Questions, Concerns … Ignored by the Major Media

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The Elena Kagan hearings began today, and few Americans are aware of her radical views on the Second Amendment, abortion, crime control, marriage rights, international law and many other critical issues.

Since predicting the Senate confirmation process of Kagan would be a “meat grinder” and a “battle,” the networks have been eerily quiet –the complete opposite of their reporting of the run-up to the confirmation hearings for Bush appointees John Roberts and Samuel Alito hearings.

The Media Research Center has just concluded an important study of the Media Blackout of the Supreme Court “Battle”, where our analysts poured over the broadcast network evening newcasts of ABC, CBS and NBC since Kagan’s May 10 nomination ..

What we discovered is a frighteningly blatant attempt by the Obama-friendly media to remain silent – offering as little information as possible on Kagan’s highly questionable qualifications and disturbing ideology...

Click here to access this exclusive MRC report.

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