Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The War on Truth

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The greatest danger to our wealth, our liberties, our values, and our safety today comes from the deconstruction of truth. We live in a world driven by information. Almost all real wealth today is based upon information and knowledge. Almost all real power today is based upon mass communication, education, and entertainment. Even military power relies upon data and intelligence, not brute force... [snip]

We have a president who is almost solely the creature of a partisan pseudo-science which views truth as an odd waste product. Has Obama ever seriously searched for truth? His lifelong chums are a gaggle of pseudo-thinkers and strong-arm operatives who float through college into jobs unconnected with honor. He reads us his soul off a teleprompter whose digitized letters conform to polling data.

The terrifying numbers which his surreal spending has created mean nothing to Obama. The threats to our nation are real to him only as it affects his polling numbers. His indifference to truth is the greatest danger he presents the world.

Truth is our highest virtue.

Too many millions of us simply do not believe that is true. As long as concern for honesty, dedication to what is real, and intellectual integrity flounder, all the tricks toys, and tickets of knowledge and technology will simply be little curses in our lives...

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