Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Can Communist China Be America's Partner?

China's policies over the last decade have been vehemently anti-American -- according to Chinese policymakers, whatever is bad for the U.S. is good for the PRC. China has brought down an unarmed American plane in neutral airspace; laser-blinded an American satellite; stalked an American carrier; and embarked on a huge, opaque military buildup against the U.S. (what does China need carrier-killing warships and missiles and satellite-killing ballistic missiles for?).

China's hackers attack American cyber networks daily, while its media, led by the Global Times, continually vilify the U.S., and its customs services block American products from the Chinese market.

China has protected the odious NPT-violating regimes in North Korea and Iran, as well as the Burmese junta, from any serious sanctions.

China's military is planning and preparing for war with the U.S., and its generals have repeatedly threatened America. This February, Colonel Meng Xiangingpromised a "hand-to-hand fight with the U.S." MGEN Yang Yi said to his colleagues of the U.S., "We must make them hurt." RADM Guan Youfei toldAmerican officials this May that everything that's wrong about Sino-American relations is America's fault. Under Hu Jintao, the opinions of hawkish PLA generals have become official Chinese policy, and virulently anti-American generals have been appointed to key posts. Two generals (Guo Boxiong and Xu Caihou) are members of the CPC's politburo, although neither is a member of its Standing Committee.

A 'partner' would hardly behave like this...

[Yet we're reducing our defense budget as if it's of equal value to our ever-growing social programs.]


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