Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jim Cramer Admits the Obvious: Obama's Policies Not Working

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Barack Obama's policies supposedly intended to help hiring are "not working." On to talk about the Dow dropping on Tuesday, Cramer pointed out "there's too much fear" about what the Obama administration will do about taxes, which led to Today co-anchor Vieira to question "Do you believe the President's policies are creating the conditions necessary for businesses to hire?" To which Cramer bluntly stated "they're not working."


[Again, I say they are working - but as intended - not portrayed by the White House and promoted by the MSM: they've increased the breath and power of government at every turn, for every 'crisis', while simultaneously worsening the conditions they were purportedly to address and thereby increasing reliance on government assistance in the process.

Brilliant, really - in a contemptibly-criminal kind of way.

We're on the cusp of a tipping point where the beneficences of the socialist wealth redistribution scheme will outnumber those who finance it through confiscation of their profits. Once there, our self-governed {increasingly selfish} society could literally lose the ability to step back from its proven suicidal path.

Exhibit A...]


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