Monday, July 12, 2010

Islamic Law Comes to Dearborn

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Is it illegal to preach Christianity to Muslims in America now?

Acts 17 Apologetics, a Christian evangelistic group, was banned from passing out fliers at this year’s Arab Festival in Dearborn, Mich., but they went to the festival anyway and ended up getting arrested.

On Saturday, I got this message from David Wood of Acts 17:

“Muslims threatened to kill Nabeel [Qureshi, an ex-Muslim and David’s colleague] and me if we showed up again at Arab Fest in Dearborn, so we went there yesterday. They didn’t kill us, but the police arrested us and hauled us to jail..."

Nor was what happened to David and Nabeel an isolated incident.

In June 2009, law enforcement again caved to the demands of Islamic supremacists in Dearborn, in breach of rights guaranteed in the Constitution. The Dearborn Police Department told the group Arabic Christian Perspective (ACP) that they could not hand out literature to Muslims at the Arab Festival on public sidewalks, but had to stay on a single corner and not mingle among the people at the festival.

Dearborn has also prohibited the running of our Freedom Defense Initiative religious liberty bus campaign that offers help to Muslims threatened for leaving Islam.

For that, I am suing.

Muslims seem to be craving a civil war in the Detroit area. Where is the inter-faith dialogue, the building of bridges, the mutual respect, mutual understanding?

It only goes one way with Islam. These are fancy terms for surrender...


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