Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Worm-full Blindness

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When U.S. President Jimmy Carter speaks with passion about Sudan’s opportunity to rid itself and the world of a horrible problem, he is not talking about Sudanese President Omar el-Bashir, an ICC-indicted war criminal. Carter describes a nightmare scenario in which a foreign entity imposes itself into the very life of the people of Sudan, causing pain, misery, disease, and sometimes death. That sounds like Bashir’s National Islamic Front regime (now known as the National Congress Party or NCP). But Carter is not referring to the imposition of Shari’a or of Arab imperialism in an African country. He is speaking of [guinea] worms, a threat which he takes far more seriously than the threat of Islamism.

It’s not surprising that Jimmy Carter fails to see the threat of Islamism in Sudan. After all, he sees Israel as a threat to Palestinians, but disregards the threat of Hamas and Hezbollah. The Carter Center, established in 1982 by Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter in partnership with Emory University in Atlanta, is heavily funded by donors from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and other Arab states.

And the level of naïveté and the extent of appeasement shown to the world’s worst tyrants during the Carter presidency have never been matched by any other presidency.

Until today...


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