Tuesday, June 22, 2010

'No Thank You, Mr. President' Highlights Entrepreneurship, Not Government, as Force for Recovery

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Tough times don't last; tough people do.

That's the theme of author John S. Cohoat's new book "No Thank You, Mr. President," which tells the story of 10 private companies in Elkhart County, Ind., that made their own way to economic recovery without government handouts.

"My hope is that these stories provide some inspiration for you or make you remember why our capitalist economic policies and truly American way of life is the answer,"

Cohoat wrote in his first chapter, titled ‘Why This Book? Why Now?'

Cohoat characterized Elkhart County, in the northern part of the state near South Bend, as a hard-nosed area able to take care of itself. His portrayal stands in contract to the national media's portrayal of the county as the "poster child for all that is bad with our economy"...


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