Friday, June 25, 2010

Japanese Told More Sleep Means Less Global Warming

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More warming madness: The Japanese government has begun urging citizens to go to bed and get up an hour earlier to reduce their carbon footprints

Now, sending couples to bed earlier under the guise of saving the planet might actually save something else entirely – Japanese culture. You see, the nation is battling a growing populace decline -- Japan's population is estimated to have shrunk by 75,000 last year, which is 1.46 times the 2008 decrease.

Then again, even were the unintended consequence of this nutty idea to be a much-needed spike in Japanese babies, government greenies would surely consider the new arrivals to be carbon-breathing, meat-eating, procreating, pet loving, shelter demanding and energy wasting parasites.

Now that’s something the people should definitely sleep on.


[Scam: there's big bucks involved.]

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