Friday, June 18, 2010

Colombia Election Disproves Empty Media Campaign

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Elections: Loopy Green candidate Antanas Mockus was hailed in the press as Colombia's next president. But the voters had someone else in mind and stunned with Sunday's result. It exposed Mockus' rise as pure media hype.

Where have we seen this movie before?

The media hailed the vaguely leftwing Green Party candidate with his hip sunflower campaign theme as "The New Obama." They pointed to polls as proof he'd win the election, said he was a new kind of politician and voters were in a mood for "change."

"Colombian election tilting toward a maverick," crowed the Global Post, in a piece published in the Minneapolis Star on May 30.

Reality was very different: The conservative Juan Manuel Santos mopped the floor with Mockus, 46-21, winning every Colombian department (state) by big margins...


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