Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Obama basks in glow of health care victory, but now comes the hard part: selling it to the people

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President Obama started a victory lap on health care Tuesday, signing it into law at a White House lawn party - and hitting the road to sell it to the American people. That may be the tough part. A national CNN poll last night found Americans opposed the bill 59% to 39%. A majority fear it will cost them money while giving government too much power. Sen. John McCain mocked "champagne toasting" at the White House and pledged a dragged-out fight.

"Outside the Beltway, the American people are very angry"

[Not to worry, our professional media will convince them accept the inevitable and actually get them to thank the Dems in the six months between now and November. Note how they're glossing right over the fact that the 'selling' of the People on Obama's ideas after he passes laws they dislike is evidently not even news worthy/mentionable - no, it's his next challenge {for which he'll be lauded when again victorious, I'm sure}.

As in '08, the MSM is demonstrating its loss of integrity is absolute. ]



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